League of Legends: Globant Emerald presented the roster that will compete in the LVP Master Flow 2023 League

Globant Emerald presented its new League of Legends roster. In 2023, his goals will be LVP and aspire to return to LLA. More info, here!

League of Legends

The Argentine organization based in Mexico, Globant Emerald Teamintroduced with a witty presentation style k pop to the 5 members that will make up your roster of League of Legends in 2023. According to the organization, this year’s goal within the Summoner’s Rift will be to compete at the highest level together with the Professional Video Game League (LVP) and dream of a return to ALL.

However, Globant Emerald will have the services of the Argentines Ramiro Bridge alias “Puentinhowho works as Top Laner and it came from Leviathanadded to ignacio anderson known as Followa jungle who knew how to wear the shirt of Furious, Isurus and Furyamong others and closes the Rio de la Plata section marco villaniTulz”, support last step in KRÜ Esports.

In turn, to roster It is complemented by the appearances of two experienced players from Chili. First of all we have mid laner Benjamin Ramirez Mercado alias “Um, pro player of 26 years who came to the team globant as a free player after leaving F.G. in November 2022. On the other hand we have Benjamin Fuenzalida BarreraKindness”the last member of the new squad dedicated to League of Legends and will play in the position of ADCarry as he did for Estral Esports in 2022.

This new roster has to Gaston Camelinobetter known as “Nerakkin the work of coach and even declared in relation to the idea of Globant Emerald to 2023: “Our vision when assembling this team was aimed at a stable working group with projection/evolution. Some of them know each other, which facilitates synergy and What we are looking for with this is to work constantly to win the opening and arrive with armed work and time at the regional“.

League of Legends

As a complement, nerakk will have a special coaching staff with contributions from Assistant Coach Marine Gaston “MDGaston”, Facundo PrioloQFA” As a strategy specialist LOL Y Juan AraujoFerret” as an analyst. The initial challenge of globant It will be the Master Flow League of LVPtournament that he knew how to win in 2021.

Let’s remember that GE disputed the ALL throughout last year thanks to the promotion obtained against furious in 2021. However, the team could not sustain the category after falling against The Kings on the Promotion/Relegation of the month of September 2022. This fact denotes an organization that already knows what the requirement of ALL and will face 2023 with a campus next to renewed airs. What do you think of the squad? Globant Emerald?

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