LEC squads for the first split of 2023

There are barely a couple of days left for the LEC start again for another year and the teams have more than confirm their rosters. The top European competition returns on January 21st with one of its main stars, Rekkleswho confirmed his return to the team that saw him grow, Fnatic.

Next year will also stand out for the new changes, the LEC 2023 will be divided into three splits (winter, spring and summer) shorter and more intense, with a single grand finale to crown the champion of the season.

mad lions

After a good participation in worlds despite not being able to reach the group stage, MAD Lions confirmed their roster in which Hylissang stands out after leaving Fnatic.

  • Topplane: Chasy
  • Jungle: Elyoya
  • Medium: Nisqy
  • ADC: Carzzy
  • Support: Hylissang

Team Heretics

The new Spanish team confirmed its roster to debut in the highest category of League of Legends in Europe.

  • Toplane: Evi
  • Jungle: Jankos
  • Medium: Ruby
  • ADC: Jackspektra
  • Support: Mersa


The team already has a confirmed roster and the addition of former G2 support, Targamas.

  • Topplane: Odoamne
  • Jungle: Xerxe
  • Medium: Vetheo
  • ADC: Patrick
  • Support: Targamas


Astralis collects several names already known in Europe to form a new team with a good projection for the future.

  • Topplane: Finn
  • Jungle: 113
  • Medium: Dajor
  • ADC: Kobe
  • Support: Jeanghoon


The English team starts as one of the favorites with the return of their superstar Rekkles, who this time will not share a line with Hylissang. After a good surrogate support World Cup, Rhuckz is the bottom lane substitute and the other lanes stay the same.

  • Topplane: Wunder
  • Jungle: Razork
  • Medium: Humanoid
  • ADC: Rekkles
  • Support: Rhuckz

SK Gaming

With a completely new roster, SK intends to do a better job than in previous seasons by building their team from scratch.

  • Toplane: Irrelevant
  • Jungle: Markoon
  • Medium: Sertuss
  • ADC: Exakick
  • Support: Doss

G2 Esports

The team will face a 2023 after many changes. The departure of Jankos, the mainstay of G2, will be lessened thanks to the return of Mikyx in the bot lane.

  • Toplane: Broken Blade
  • Jungle: Yike
  • Medium: Caps
  • ADC: Hans Sama
  • Support: Mikyx


The Ibai team that has a place in the LEC after its merger with Rogue announced its roster in the last Gamergy.

  • Toplane: Szygenda
  • Jungle: Malrang
  • Medium: Larsen
  • ADC: Comp
  • Support: Trymbi

Team Vitality

Perkz remains on the roster for next year accompanied by 4 new teammates in which the arrival of former Mad Lions support, Kaiser, stands out.

  • Topplane: Photon
  • Jungle: BO
  • Medium: Perkz
  • ADC: Neon
  • Support: Kaiser

Team BDS

The team intends to fight for playoff spots with only one new signing on mid lane.

  • Toplane: Adam
  • Jungle: Sheo
  • Medium: Nuclearint
  • ADC: Crownie
  • Support: Labrov

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