Like Microsoft, Riot Games also made staff cuts in various departments of the company this week.


In addition to Microsoft, another big name in the games industry cut staff this week. riotgames, responsible for successful games like League of Legends and Valorant, has begun to reduce its workforce in specific areas.

Jacob Wolf, a journalist, said the company made layoffs in its human resources and hiring departments. there was also cuts in the areas of support and eSports. The full scope of the decision is not yet known.

“Historically, Riot hasn’t made as many layoffs in the past, but this follows a trend in the world of technology, gaming and entertainment as they expand. economic difficulties affect many companiesWolf explained on Twitter.

Riot Games is not the only company that has decided to reduce its workforce in 2023. Amazon, Microsoft and Meta have carried out massive layoffs for fear of a new economic recession approaching in the United States.

Many companies in the tech world are doing this in order to adapt to the realities of a world that is past the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the period marked by social isolation was accompanied by a increase in entertainment spendingthis has decreased as people spend less time at home and face the increase in the cost of living.

However, Riot Games has yet to confirm the layoffs, nor do we know how many employees will be affected. In addition to having very successful games like Teamfight Tactics, Valorant, and League of Legends, the company is preparing a new fighting game, an RPG, and an MMO inspired by their universes.

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