LoL: 10 years have passed since a play that went down in the history of esports; xPeke’s backdoor

Katowice IEM 2013. Fnatic and SK Gaming They faced each other in an important duel for the English organization, which needed to win no matter what to go to the semifinals. In addition, this map had several added incentives, since two of the Spaniards with the most impact on the League of Legends scene at that time were measured, such as they were xPeke and Ocelot and the confrontation between these two teams was one of the European classics.

As far as that map is concerned, SK dominated the early phase, as xPeke’s Kassadin she needed to scale, and the German organization exploited this to the fullest by building pressure and leaning on Ocelot with Elise. As the minutes ticked by, Fnatic relied on their scaling and kept their base alive despite SK’s attempts to finish the game and taking a Nashor.

Magic spawned at less than 500 hit points

After more than 50 minutes into the game and with everything facing SK Gaming after having finished off several members of Fnatic, xPeke worked magic on Summoner’s Rift. The Murcian was saved seconds before certain death, and slipping through the rival bushes he threw the TP at the SK Gaming base that was in the open. The rest of the story, you already know.

Little by little he was pulling the nexus and while they were trying to kill him, he would use his ult to get the extra mobility and avoid getting killed. With the link pulled, his colleagues went to hug him, the public did not believe what they had just seen in the Polish pavilion and on the other hand, another of the iconic images were Ocelot’s tears after falling in this way against Fnatic.

10 years later, and for totally different reasonsboth protagonists are far from the electronic sports scene, but what is clear is that, no matter the years that pass, xPeke’s backdoor will always be remembered in the annals of League of Legends history and this move will not remain in oblivion.

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