LoL: Jhin support is a reality and it is beginning to be seen in the big leagues

After seeing his great success in the League of Legends SoloQ, one of the unknowns we had at this start of the season was to see if Jhin can be played in the support position, and he has been. We have already been able to see this in the big leagues and it opens with a more than suffered victory in the KDF against Hanwha Life,

This choice seems to be a counter to Heimerdinger and Life, one of the most daring supports in South Korea when it comes to testing and experimenting with new runes or champions, did not hesitate to choose it. The objective is more than clear: with his range, hunt down and quickly burst his rivals in medium spaces and in those that have a possible numerical or vision advantage.

As far as the map is concerned, Hanwha Life, one of the favorites to take the titlemanaged to pull the nexus of this first map of the series with a lot of difficultiesand supported by a spectacular Zeka and Clid’s smites, they stole a Nashor at a key moment and later secured other important objectives such as the Elder Dragon.

How to play Jhin support?

The first thing to know is that Jhin has to go with Dark Harvest and offshoot inspiration for the boots and cookies. From there, what you will have to improve first is the W to have that stun before, and later the E to slow down your opponents and make your CC combo more effective and deadly.

As far as itemization is concerned, first We will start with the Spectral Sickle. Items can vary from there, but the ones we recommend are the Shadow Glaive to remove vision and the mythical Eclipse. It is also true that it will depend in many cases on the rival composition and the potential carry of your team, so items Punky Mechanosword, Rapid Fire Cannon, Collector or the Edge of Night

Will Jhin have more room in the competitive? At the moment it has already been seen in Korea and it looks like a player in other leagues such as the renewed LEC could pull their wits and bring it out in Summoner’s Rift.

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