LoL: The champion with one of the best ‘winrates’ in the game in four different positions

Although it is common League of Legends players complain As far back as the tanks going back to resistance tweaks and Preseason 13, Zac isn’t a champion that’s often been mentioned as a problem. Despite this, at this time, Zac is the second best top laner in the game, fifth best jungler, fourth best mid laner and the sixth best support*.

* Statistics taken as of 1/19 on the global set of League of Legends servers at ranks Platinum and above. This isn’t necessarily true in all regions, for example Zac mid has better use in Asia than he does in the West (even if he has a more than decent win rate at this position in EU/NA, it’s not that high).

One build to rule them all

Zac’s advantage currently is thatRegardless of position, players will generally follow the same structure. The only one exception is the support positionbut this is mainly because the Inspiration tree with the boots becomes more efficient than the precision tree.

Also keep in mind that In the jungle, the rune with the highest win rate is not Aftershock (classic version), but Conqueror. Only that the difference in win rate between the classic version and this one is 0.5%. So it’s not impossible that these runes are specific to certain matchups, but if you’re new to the character, going with the classic build is probably a better idea.

As soon as to items, only the initial can vary, especially depending on your role. As for mythical objects, Radiant Virtue is the best item for Zac. Lucidity’s Boots they will generally be your best allies, although Tabi or Mercurials can be considered in some compositions.

Usually the build is completed with Demonic EmbraceThornmail and Spirit Face. If you had to do without one of these, you can do it with Thornmail, as Spirit Visage is very strong, barring a full AD composition. To conclude, make a Void Staff as the last item can be an option. Depending on the jungle games, it can be interesting to do Demonic Embrace before Sunfire Aegis if you can add kills very soon. However, the latter is still better in lanes, especially for clearing waves much faster.

Zac could get nerfs

Riot Games developers admitted they were monitoring the champion, whose win rate worries them a bit. Nevertheless, Demonic Embrace will receive a nerf in the coming weeks, and Zac won’t be affected until the consequences of that nerf are clear. If that’s enough to drop his win rate a bit, then he shouldn’t have any changes to his kit, but if he’s still going strong, Riot will have to lower some of his abilities on Rift.

It should also be taken into account that Zac tends to lose efficiency as you go up the server. (Except in high rating where his win rate increases noticeably).


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