Lotus is now available in ranked

Little by little we prepare for the start of the competitive season of VALORANT. Riot Games is finalizing the details to provide the best experience for both professionals and fans.. This is logical, especially considering that the VALORANT Champions Tour LOCK//IN de São Paulo is just around the corner. And what better way to deliver a new experience than with VALORANT Patch 6.01.

In this version, Riot Games wanted fix all the problems that came with the release of Lotusthe new map of the shooter. The goal is to get everything ready for that start of the competitive game and, on the other hand, provide the best experience to players who want to spend their time in the video game’s ranked queues.

Far from it, we find general bug fixes that will try to prevent any player from suffering an undesirable experience within any of their games.

We do not bother you anymore, here are the official notes from VALORANT patch 6.01.

VALORANT Patch 6.01 Maps


  • Reduced the volume of revolving doors while they rotate.
  • Removed Lotus exclusive queue.
  • Now included in the normal and competitive queue.

game modes


  • Removed Copy mode.
  • It is still available in custom games.

VALORANT Patch 6.01 Bugs


  • killjoy: The [C] – Nanoswarm should no longer deal more damage than intended to destructible targets.

game experience systems

  • The visual blind indicator above an agent’s head should now be displayed in sync in third person.
  • Fixed issue that caused the Spike to become completely invisible and unequipable after switching from defender to attacker by picking up the Spike in a custom game.
  • The Spike can now be picked up and planted again in a game where you have logged out and logged in.
  • Fixed issue where the Marshall could not be fully reloaded between shots with the auto scope engaged.


  • Fixed multiple bugs in Lotus:
      • Removed the ability to boost to reach a vantage point on the back of the If you from B.
      • Now it is impossible to get stuck in the revolving doors.
      • Breach can use his abilities on the two revolving doors.
      • The destructible door Link now displays accurate vision icons.
      • You can’t lose anymore spike at the bottom of So you.
      • Fixed a location that prevented placing the spike correctly in So you.

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