LVP Score is born, a player scoring system based on their performance

It will be applied to the VALORANT Intel Rising MediaMarkt and will take into account the different statistics within the game to create the average for each player.

LVP Score is born, a new player scoring system that make up the VALORANT Rising MediaMarkt Intel and that takes into account their sports performance.

LVP Score shows an average score of each player that integrates the competition and is updated weekly, that is, every Wednesday it will have new data extracted from the last days of the Rising MediaMarkt Intel. In this way, the followers of the competition will know which players are fittest and what are the names to follow in each meeting.

The LVP Score scoring system takes into account the performance of each player in the last 365 days and takes exclusively LVP competitions as a reference (Rising and Crossfire). In this sense, for a player to obtain his LVP Score, he must have played a minimum of three games in the base computing period.

LVP Score will have various practical applications that will reinforce the broadcasts of the Rising MediaMarkt Intel and the social networks of the competition. In a first phase, for example, We will see the top 10 players with the best average, as well as a weekly update among the players who rise or fall the most in the ranking. In addition, it will also appear in the featured duels of each match. The LVP Score will begin to be applied live from this Sunday, when the seventh day is played (Twitch, 5:00 p.m.), although it is already available on the Rising MediaMarkt Intel website.

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