Minecraft Legends: trailer, story, platforms and more

Published: 2023-01-19T13:00:09

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Minecraft is preparing a new story full of action and strategy with the name of Minecraft Legends and this is all we know about it.

After the success of Minecraft Y minecraft dungeon, Mojang has introduced a more strategic experience. Minecraft Legends boasts of being a title focused on strategy and action as we ride a steed while protecting the world from the annoying invasion of Piglins.

Despite having the basic details of the game, there are many others that are still unknown for sure, such as the release date. Therefore, after the Xbox 2023 developer event we will be able to have more information about it.

The article continues after the announcement.

We will update the news as soon as new data and images are revealed to us. Until then, this has been everything that has been revealed to us about Minecraft Legends such as trailers, platforms and more.

Does Minecraft Legends have a release date?

During Minecraft Live 2022 we were told that Minecraft Legends would arrive in the spring of 2023. However, we do not have an exact date of when it will be released.

Minecraft Legends Announcements and Trailers

The first trailer we had for Minecraft Legends showed us the new villains and the conflict in which we will be a part.

It wouldn’t be until the second where they taught us a more in-depth strategy gameplay and a large part of the enemies with which we will have to face each other.

The article continues after the announcement.

Despite this, it wasn’t until Minecraft Live 2022 that we got a deeper look at Minecraft Legends where we first saw a demo of the new story from Minecraft’s Creative Director and Narrative Director.

The most remarkable thing about the game is all the details that they give us about the multiplayer.

What is the story of Minecraft Legends?

From the Gamescom 2022 interviews, trailers, and title overview, it can be assumed that the game will be an action-strategy experience.

The peaceful world of Minecraft has been taken over by Piglins and it’s up to us to stop them from destroying the world we live in. To do this, we will have to work with many other companions, equip yourself with advantages and defeat a whole series of enemies.

The article continues after the announcement.

On which platforms can it be played?

Minecraft Legends will be available on Xbox, PC, Switch, and Playstation. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

That’s all we know about the game at the moment. However, when we have more information about it we will update the news so stay tuned!

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