Overwatch 2 will receive campaign mode this year, but at Blizzard they still don’t know when it will be ready

Overwatch 2 has everything to become one of the most successful F2P games of the moment. Although the first weeks were not easy, little by little the Activision Blizzard title was consolidating both on PC and on consoles.

Its best asset lies in the free to play format, which allows any player to try Overwatch 2 on the platform you want.

While players are having a blast with The Battle for Olympus (the new Season 2 event), Blizzard has updated the short-term roadmap for Overwatch 2.


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On the other hand, two new books have anticipated what is coming for the multiplayer shooter. In addition to the PvE campaign, new maps, weapons, and heroes will be added in upcoming updates.

When can we enjoy the Overwatch 2 campaign? It is something that has not yet been confirmed, but that Aaron Keller, director of the title, has commented with NME.

We will have to wait for the campaign

In an interview with NME, Aaron Keller confirms that Overwatch 2 campaign mode will be available this yearbut without revealing more details about it.

It seems that the development is not going as well as it should. At Blizzard they are aware of the difficulties posed by a modality of this caliber, and more so when it comes to the only alternative for a single player in Overwatch 2.

At least we know that the PvE campaign will be ready in the next few months, but development is ongoing. In Keller’s words, ”we are still finishing the work”.

Overwatch 2

The new mode allows us to delve much deeper into not just the characters in the universe, but all the big events that happen within it. That’s something the team is incredibly passionate about.”.

Now we know that Overwatch 2’s single and online multiplayer modes split at some point in development. It was not an easy decision, but it was necessary to give it a greater dimension (and the necessary time).

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We found ourselves in a position where we couldn’t release all of the content we were creating for Overwatch 2 until after the campaign was complete.”.

Overwatch 2 is one of the best free games of 2022, which you can play on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Could it be one of the games affected by the new anti-loot boxes measures of the European Parliament?

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