Overwatch 2’s Campaign Is Still “Finishing Up” How It Will Come To The Game, But Blizzard Promises Big Fan Moments – Overwatch 2

The players of Overwatch 2 They have already left behind what they experienced in the first installment of the hero shooterwhich disappeared after the release of the new game of Blizzard, and have grown accustomed to the multiplayer matches offered with the sequel. However, there are not a few who await the premiere of the main campaignthat will be integrated into the title throughout 2023 in a staggered manner.

We still don’t have many details about the content that the Overwatch 2 story will address, but a new interview with the outlet NME reveals the state you are in right now. According to Aaron Keller, game director, the campaign “still finalizing” the way it will be deployed in the coming months. In this sense, Keller admits that delaying this part of the delivery was a “very difficult” decision, but it was also “the right thing to do”. “We found ourselves in a position where we couldn’t release all of the content we were building for Overwatch 2 until after the campaign was complete,” recalls the director, adding that development was “going slower than we wanted.”

In this way, we will continue to wait for Blizzard to reveal the release date of the first content of the Overwatch 2 campaign. On the other hand, and taking advantage of the interview, Keller has commented that this is an ideal opportunity to explore the “grand overarching narrative” of hero shooter because “it’s not something you can do in the middle of a multiplayer game.”

“We can go much deeper not only with the characters in the universe, but also with all the big events what’s going on inside – that’s something the team is incredibly excited about,” says the director, completing by saying he’s more than willing to explore the “bright, hopeful, and inspiring future” of Overwatch 2.

What did we think of Overwatch 2?

We will keep an eye on Blizzard’s social networks in case you decide to share more information about the long-awaited campaign, although we can always hang out in your multiplayer to liven up the wait. After all, the developer has also been working on events that they even include the gods of Olympusso we can try new game modes and polish our technique as the title’s story launch gets closer.

And it is that there are not few who relate this hero shooter with polemics, as it certainly was involved in several problems before (and after) its release. However, it has some novelties that, combined with its classic multiplayer games, manage to hook us once again, as we tell you in our overwatch 2 review.

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