Overwatch League teams to sue Activision-Blizzard

For breach of promises in income.

The highest competition Overwatch would be preparing to join forces and file a class action lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard.

Being one of the top esports competitions that Activision-Blizzard has with a league that began in 2018, over time the teams involved have seen many promises broken by the studio after Overwatch.

In this way, journalist Jacob Wolf reports that most of the teams in the overwatch league They hired a law firm to conduct the class action lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard and the Leaguethis for non-compliance in the income promises that were promised would be abundant once the competition started.

The Sheridans firm would be chosen to negotiate on behalf of the teams seeking compensation that serves as economic reliefbeing the business group that owns Toronto Defiant the ones that would be leading the lawsuit.

The teams report that the total expenses in the last 6 years amount to $16 million dollars between salaries, operating expenses, franchise payments and others that have not had a return of money from the organizers.

Various teams would be operating at a loss, such as the case of the Houston Outlaws, despite their own income from the sale of advertisements.

And at the end of the year Ben Spoont, owner of Florida Mayhem, announced that all owners of an Overwatch League franchise had received the promise by Activision-Blizzard and the League of significant growth of competition with low revenuea situation that has not been fulfilled so far.

The Overwatch League has been indirectly involved in the cases of sexual harassment by Activision-Blizzardresulting in big sponsors like Coca-Cola, Pringles and T-Mobile dropping out of the competition.

The future of the Overwatch League for now looks uncertain with the demand from the teams, added to the lack of a platform to broadcast the new season that is scheduled for boot up in spring.

Font: Jacob Wolf

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