Riot Games laid off many employees within various company departments, reports say

It’s hard to imagine that a multi-billion dollar company like Riot Games, creator of League of Legendsmay suffer economic problems, but that is precisely what various reports are announcing, and this situation in the study caused a huge wave of layoffs within various departments.

The news has not yet been officially confirmed, but the surprise was already brought to us by Jacob Wolf, an esports reporter who has a close relationship with Riot Games, so we can almost confirm that this is not false; Wolf claims to have received the news from multiple sources, all of which will remain anonymous..

“Riot Games is laying off people, this started this morning, several people have told me. The magnitude of the situation is uncertain at the moment, but so far I have heard that it will affect the areas of recruitment and human resources, support and esports. I’ll do a bigger story in the morning.”

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Financial problems in the video game industry?

Wolf added that while Riot Games had never done anything like this, the need was clear. due to the economic difficulties that the video game and entertainment industry is suffering. A similar issue came up just yesterday with Microsoft, so we can conclude that this same economic downturn is hitting even the biggest players in the market badly.

However, unlike the case with Microsoft, here we have not yet received an official statement or communication, so we will have to wait for more details. League of Legends In itself he did not exactly start his new season on the right foot, and if this news is true, we will see big changes within the studio and its many games this 2023Without a doubt.

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