Riot Games opens a new League of Legends server in Europe, but only for professionals: “EMEA Champions Queue” announced – League of Legends

A new server League of Legends It will be available in just a few days. However, most players will never be able to access it. Riot Games has announced the opening of EMEA Champions Queue, an initiative that comes to emulate the system that was inaugurated last year in North America and that caused good feelings among many professional players. The goal is for members of the higher level competitive community to be able to have more efficient workoutsmaking better use of the hours invested in the game.

What exactly is the “Champions Queue”?

Champions Queue is an alternate server where ranked matches are played and to which can only be accessed by invitation. It has many advantages over the original experience. One of the most outstanding is that the patch of the game that is being used that week in the great League of Legends competitions is always used. The first two competitive tiers are usually one patch behind the live server to avoid issues and thus pros will be able to train in the version in which they will play their next matches.

The use of systems voice communication Thanks to Discord, the practically instantaneous moderation of the games or the restriction of the participants are other of the aspects best valued by the professionals who were able to enjoy the Champions Queue before its arrival in Europe. It must be taken into account that the last League of Legends World Cups were in North America, so players from all over the world have already participated, trying an experience almost identical to the one that will arrive in Europe. The opinions collected were positivealthough some aspects were also criticized that, we assume, will be solved.

Faker Y Keria Lol

Many professionals, including Keria (T1) were in favor of the Champions Queue

From the outset, the requirements to participate in the European Champions Queue are very high. It is not enough just to be a professional player, but you have to meet a series of requirements…

  • Being part of the starting five of an LEC team
  • Be part of the LEC team substitute squad and be a Grandmaster or more
  • Being part of the initial squad of an accredited ERL (LFL, Prime League, Super League, TCL or Ultra League)
  • Have played the LEC for at least one season and be a Grandmaster or more

“The members of the EMEA Champions Queue Council will be appointed a few weeks after its launch. The purpose of this council will be to vote on who has access to the EMEA Champions Queue, revoke permission for badly behaved players, approve the entry of new players or define future inclusion criteria”. (Riot Games on the Champions Queue)

In short, it is about a great addition for professional gamers from League of Legends. The truth is that these measures, due to their exclusive nature, are always controversial. However, we must bear in mind that the Riot Games game is one of the most ungrateful with the hours of training invested by professionals. In this sense, an improvement in their conditions means a considerable increase in “quality of life” for those who are the protagonists of one of the largest esports in the world.

This is not the only big news regarding competitive League of Legends. Riot Games has just announced an unprecedented measure to favor Ibai, Team Heretics and Spanish fans.

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