Roblox: Mother is horrified by content “for children” and deletes accounts of her children

Operating in the greatest possible discretion, Roblox It has become such a success that without a problem it could not ask for anything from games like Fortnite. A community with millions of users around the world, an internal economy with a million-dollar spill in income and profits. However, there is also a dark side that has already been revealed and shows worrying situations, such as a criminal scene and recently the exposure of dangerous content for children.

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Mother discovers content not suitable for minors in Roblox despite age restrictions

The person in charge of the Carolyn Velociraptor account on Twitter (who has been part of G4TV and video game companies such as Ubisoft, BioWare and Bethesda) shared the experience she had when reviewing the content her children were exposed to on Roblox. The mother of the family also implied (via PCGAMER) that her children are in the average age for the restriction of users from 5 to 8 years old on the platform and she assures that when she saw the content she was “horrified”, a few hours being enough for her to decide to delete the accounts of minors and remove them from the platform Digital by Roblox Corporation.

After viewing the content Robloxthe mother of the family was horrified and deleted the accounts

According to his testimony, despite the fact that from the beginning he selected the pertinent restrictions in terms of content according to the ages of his children, this was not an impediment for a series of games with dangerous themes to be available to them. According to Carolyn Velociraptor, some games in Roblox available for young children are about “going to the bathroom” but the focus is on looking at the character without underwear, at the same time, there are games that include supposed interaction mechanics that represent sexual relations, while others carry the characters of other users to represent acts of bullying. In the same way, it exposes video games that represent suicidal acts.

Likewise, he found horror video games but that have passed the filter by presenting covers inspired, for example, by Peppa Pig, the detail is that the objective of the game is for the pig to kill her father with a knife. In the same way, he points out that there are many games designed to promote microtransactions, so in the event of an oversight and with a digital bank card linked to Robloxthere can be an outrageous expense.

According to Carolyn Velociraptor, the problem in Roblox is that months ago the platform ignored its part to review and curate content directly, delegating that responsibility to the same creators who only have to fill out a questionnaire regarding the proposal of their game and the age classification in which they consider that it must go, all as part of an automated process in which Roblox Corporation seems to blindly trust the word and good intentions of the users who put games there.

Taking the above into account, Roblox and the creators of this content that poses a risk to children would be operating in a legal gray area or otherwise doing something that warrants investigation and punishment; Unfortunately, there is a history of Epic Games and Fortnite where the FTC fined the company with more than $500 million dollars but if that is compared with the income and profits it will continue to be a bet to be considered by the same companies.

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