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The Winter Veil Adventure Season is coming to an end soon, but that means that the Winter Veil Adventure Season is coming to an end! Placid Prairie approaches! Before the Placid Prairie Adventure season begins on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, at 21:00 AR and 18:00 MX, be sure to complete any remaining Winterfest quests.

Also, in the v23.20 update, players will be able to go over of things! They will automatically run over obstacles and other items when you use dash towards them. The new biome will also open autumnal slopes that brings the new heroine to Save the World: the autumnal queen!

The Autumn Queen’s Quest

Fortnite Autumn Queen Png

The Harvest of Husks is drawing near! – Autumnal Queen

A new heroine and a new mission arrive in Save the World. Meet the Autumnal Queen, a new soldier hero. The Autumnal Queen comes with the new standard perk of her, force of naturewhich allows you to activate a shock wave Extra thanks to your pet when you use it. The buff works on boars, velociraptors, and wolves, plus your pets get all the buffs from shock wave that are active in the skill.

Combine the Force of Nature perk with the Gia perk, life tiewhich grants healing for you and your tamed wild animals!

To unlock the Autumnal Queen, you will need to complete the Autumnal Foothills hero quest. The Autumn Queen will be added permanently and can be unlocked after the first storm shield defense in Plank City!

The Placid Prairie Adventure Returns

Fortnite Mild Meadowns Venture Png

The Placid Prairie Adventure season begins on January 25 at 9:00 PM AR and 6:00 PM MX!

Here in Placid Prairie, commanders will be able to enjoy the benefits of increase modifier. The Boost mod will grant a small additional damage boost to the entire team (maximum 100% boost) when the Commander’s killstreak grows. Additionally, reaching killstreaks will trigger an elemental burst that will deal damage and unleash additional effects on all commanders’ locations.

Elimination Streak Effects:

30 Eliminations: Nature Burst Mother Nature is on your side! This burst will deal damage and stun nearby enemies for 3 seconds.

60 eliminations: Fire Burst. Is it getting hotter or is it just his elimination streak? This burst will deal damage and apply a burning debuff that deals damage every second.

90 Eliminations: Dance Party Put them to dance! This burst will deal damage, fill up the commander’s energy, and last but definitely not least, make the Husks dance for 7 seconds.

120 Eliminations: Ice Blast. After so much heat and dancing, it’s time to cool down the enemies! This burst will deal damage and freeze nearby targets for 5 seconds.

150 eliminations: Energy Burst. The time has come to unleash its power! This burst will deal damage and cause nearby enemies to take increased damage for 10 seconds.

Please note that losing your streak will reset your Boost bonuses. So don’t stop and take out as many hunchbacks as you can!

War games

Major Oswald will attempt to improve base security by challenging commanders and his own bases to complete the ultimate test. In War games, go to your storm shields and test your defenses against unique and very challenging simulations. Complete daily quests and weekly challenges to get event tickets, gold, banners, evolution materials, and perk rewards.

Fortnite Wargames Png

blockbuster mission

A meteor crashed and shook the foundation of the base! As Ray investigates, the self-proclaimed other, ANOTHER robot, Lok, finds himself in charge. Help Lok lead his team on the mission blockbuster. The rewards of this mission are the mythical soldier Carbide (with your standard benefit energy and attack who applies an affliction that deals 13 energy damage per second for three seconds) and the mythical ninja hidden star (with your standard benefit fan of stars which will allow them to throw all their shurikens at the same time in an arc and an extra shuriken will be added).

the moon flame

say hello to the moon flame. This little creature brings with it the power of dragon weapons and Lunar New Year heroes. Redeem them for event tickets in the llama shop!

Fortnite Lunar Flame Png

Error correction

We included many important bug fixes in the v23.20 game update, including:

  • Fixed an issue where bronze rewards would not be awarded upon victory in “Destroy the Camps”.

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