Squid Craft Games 2 will speak English: Rubius confirms Amouranth and xQC

As time goes. It seems like yesterday when El Xokas won the Minecraft Squid Games, better known as the Squid Craft Games, but nothing is further from reality. It’s about to be a year old and the second edition of this acclaimed Twitch series (with more than 100,000 euros at stake) is already around the corner. Although the specific details and news will be made known in the coming days, Rubius wanted to anticipate the first bombshell of these Squidcraft Games 2: the participation of Amouranth and xQc.

The streamer, by now recognized by all as one of the members of the Twitch Spain Big Four (and also present in all the tops and world rankings), is one of the main managers of the event and in his most recent live shows we have been able to see inviting Amouranth and xQc to the Squid Craft Games. Both are two of the most followed American content creators on the planetthe numbers 4 (xQc) and 20 (Amouranth) of the purple platform, and their presence will only trigger the numbers of the event which, in the words of Rubius, “it’s going to be the fucking host“.

More than 120 streamers (for last year’s 100), several days long (hopefully this time there won’t be postpone days due to hacking) and more than $100,000 just for the winner (can you imagine Olliegamerz defending his crown?), these second Squid Craft Games seem just as exciting as the first, and that’s not saying little. In fact, the event will surely win the ESLAND 2023 award for Best Mini Series for the way it kept us glued to the screen twelve months ago.

The presence of Amouranth has not liked everyone

Curiously, the news has not been celebrated in all circles and the very AuronPlay has shown its rejection to Amouranth’s presence, although he himself has admitted that has no voice or vote in the decision. The streamer does not like his content and even less that he has obtained such popularity from them. These were his (harsh) words:

“To me an aunt who opens a stream and begins to comment on which streamer would be buzzed or not … it seems ugly to me, I’m sorry. Really, I find it ugly, in bad taste, unpleasant, and I am very disgusted by this. People take it as something funny, how funny! He has said that IlloJuan would be buzzed. If Illojuan did the same, he would be in jail. Now he himself would have seven policemen at home and they would be detaining him ”.

Can you imagine Auron killing Amouranth in the Squidcraft Games?

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