Start the Opening 2023 of the Elements League of League of Legends

Great news for the entire community of gamers who love competitive scene of League of Legendsis that, the Opening 2023 of the Elements League and we got into frantic games in which each of the players managed to show all their talents on Summoner’s Rift. The opening season of the best league in Central America and the Caribbean begins, this season brings new teams and new players who fight for a spot in the northern region.

Day 1: The duel of the Caribbean

The start of the Elements League was a Caribbean crossover. The bandits faced the legion of war, where faces like Limitationss and Tyr gave a new air to the Dominican squad, however, the Boricuas made the game very difficult for them, to the point of lasting more than 40 minutes of play, where there were four barons that Bandits had to do in order to pull out the first win of the season.

The rookie against the two-time champion. This is how the second game between Mezexis and the Costa Rican team of Saprissa Esports was announced. The Dominican squad integrated into its ranks two two-time champions of the league: Xuradel and Madblade, all to create a good ecosystem for the league, however, the first task was very hard since the purple monster was renewed with the legend Cotopaco and old acquaintances from the scene such as Xponteanous and Lyng who managed to stop the Dominican illusions and in less than 25 minutes they sealed their victory and the first point of the competition.

To close the first day on a high, the Guatemalan lions and the vandals, two more than well-known squads from the Elements League face off again but with new names. Led by the substitute for the two-time champion Chiu, Janus’s team managed to get a very quick game against Vandals who could not accommodate themselves in their first appearance and took the defeat.

Day 2: Bandits vs. Lions, who will prevail

The second day of competition began with another duel from the Caribbean: Bandals vs. Mezexis, both in search of their first points in the competition. The game had a profitable start for the owls, however, a hunt managed to give vandals control of the game in the first minutes of the game, however, an impeccable play by Mezexis allowed him to dominate the confrontation and get his first victory of the bell.

The Saprissa Esports super team returns to Summoner’s Rift to take on the rookie squad of War Legion. The purples, already with a point in their favor, faced the Puerto Ricans who were in need of their first victory of the tournament. Putin and Ganks continue to show an impressive level that is complemented by the great game of Cotopaco, Xpontaneaous and Lyng to achieve another simple victory in the hands of the purple monster and leave doubts and alarms for Vandals that they fail to take better advantage of their composition.

The icing on the cake, the outstanding game of the day, presented us with a very interesting duel between Janus Esports and Bandits, two teams that had just won their previous games last Friday. The confrontation was not easy at all, Janus managed to take a slight advantage in much of the game, however, Tyr and company brought out the caste and managed to defeat the forces of the lion to win and tie the group for first place purple.

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