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yesterday started Minecraft Extremethe battle royale organized by Auronplay with some of his fellow streamers. As usual in this type of series, the first day was a real chaos. We saw it all and so that you do not miss anything we bring you the summary of the first day of Extreme Minecraft.

We remind you that one of the rules of the event is that each of the participants has three lives. Once they die three times, their adventure on the server will end. There are no immortality totems or the possibility of recovering lives, so the care with which the participants have to be taken is, never better said, extreme.

Every man for himself

The series began exactly as one would expect, after a brief animation the participants took to their heels in the open field to find the best place to settle. Within the rules, there is the possibility of make teams either factions among the participants. Some of the most prominent are the Auron’s team —with Byin, Focus, Reborn and Ibai— or the Ruby’s team —with Spreen, Quackity and Shadowune— .

The race had begun and the objectives of each one were very varied: some thought of building their house while others the best try hard They went looking for diamonds. The reason is simple, as the administration warned at the moment the siren sounded on the server, the pvp and the night would come soon. At this time, having a base is essential, but the diamond allows you to crafting the best armor in addition to crafting the house enhancer.

More deaths than we expected

just like in the movie The Hunger Games, when a person dies, a cannon shot resounds throughout the server and the death is reported in the chat; and yesterday it did not stop. At the beginning, all the participants launched into the adventure and their objective was to discover the world and acquire resources. Going into a world like Minecraft without knowing what you are going to find can be expensive, and that was the case for some participants:

  • cristinini: Death in the water by throwing a trident.
  • 8cho: Killed by the bite of a cave spider.
  • xokas: Death fighting a zombie in a cave. He lost another life trying to get his things back.
  • Carol: killed by a mob with the special ability to drown yourself out of water. She died again after falling into the lava while reading to the chat.
  • jcorko You shouldn’t have gone into that cave.
  • stratuss: death by creepera classic
  • JuanGuarnizo: death by himself mob that Carol.
  • MissaSymphony: death by bungee jumping without rope.

After the first hours of the game finally the first siren sounded pvp and, far from what some thought, there was more than expected. Some groups such as the one made up of Spreen or that of AleCuatro launched themselves for their companions as if it were the movie the purge and they did not leave a puppet with a head:

  • Duck: skewered by an arrow from AleCuatro.
  • Goes_x: Trying to defend his partner Pato.
  • Jokki: You shouldn’t have messed with Spreen. Shortly after she would die at the hands of Shadowune
  • Nonii: Killed by meeting Spreen.
  • 8cho: Spreen killed him, for burning down his house.

Of course, and despite such a massacre, there were also moments for humor. One of them was a death Nil Ojedawho lost one of their lives due to a bug and was dancing the song give me back my life of David Bustamente until they confirmed that he had not lost it.

The most epic death of yesterday came from the hands of Rubius. As usual in his last series, he decided to risk his first death to make a water drop from the highest point of the map. For the uninitiated, a water drop is to free fall with a bucket and place the water just before you hit the ground. It is a typical Minecraft skill that consists of having absolute control of the moment of giving clickRubius did not have it.

And here is our summary of the first day of Extreme Minecraft. What do you think? Do you think the series will reach the two weeks or will they all lose their lives long before?

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