“The same, but much worse” Overwatch 2 fans lash out at the new event

Overwatch 2 still missing the mark. Since its launch in early October, it has been embroiled in controversy due to its new monetization model and the lack of unpublished content. Now a new themed event has just opened its doors with a handful of free rewards, but the community is sorely disappointed.

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The free title from Blizzard Entertainment welcomed a new edition of the Lunar New Year event; on this occasion, to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. As usual, there was thematic paraphernalia, but the players believe that the novelties are few and unattractive.

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Overwatch 2 still doesn’t give one; fans lash out at Lunar New Year 2023 event

Certainly, the home screen is disappointing. The developers explain in the welcome message that there are 3 free rewards: a weapon charm, a souvenir, and an Echo themed skin. In parallel, a new skin for Mai has arrived in the store and outfits from previous editions of the event are expected to be available for purchase in the coming days.

According to players, there are multiple issues with this edition of the Chinese New Year event. First of all, they say that it is frustrating that thematic skins are paid. Before, they could be obtained totally free through the controversial loot boxes, but now it is necessary to go through the box to obtain them all.

In a similar vein, the community of Overwatch 2 She is upset that only a brand new skin was introduced this time: Hu Tou Mao de Mei.

The free rewards were not spared from criticism either. Fans explain that the weapon charm and souvenir are disappointing gifts, arguing that Echo’s skin is old and many users already have it in her collection. To obtain these items, it is necessary to complete challenges in limited time game modes.

With all this on the table, there are those who claim that the 2023 Lunar New Year event is the same as previous editions, but much worse. Comments like these abound on social networks and forums.

“I used to get so excited about events because of the skins. She eagerly scoured Twitter for teasers, and eagerly booted up the game to get the 5-10 usually good skins, new voice lines, emotes, and whatnot. Now, it’s just 1 skin that costs $15 USD; and that’s it, basically. They damage the base of their community with this garbage”, explained a user on reddit.

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It is clear that many players are not happy with the changes introduced by the free-to-play model of Overwatch 2. Hopefully, the developers are aware of the community’s discontent.

But tell us, did Blizzard’s new free-to-play shooter event live up to your expectations? Let us read you in the comments.

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