Top Five Fortnite Toys Worth Buying

Fortnite is currently the biggest video game in the world and arguably the biggest of all time. Players from all over the world of all ages jump on a wide variety of platforms to enjoy Battle Royale in all its splendor. As such, the game’s developer, Epic Games, is capitalizing on its success with merchandise, particularly toys that emulate some of Fortnite’s most popular items and weapons. However, some look and work better than others. So which ones should you buy?

What are the best Fortnite toys?

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Fortnite Skull Trooper Premium Action Figure

Image via McFarlane Toys

With any popular game, action figures are likely to be made. Since Fortnite features a wide range of characters with many skins, it’s only right that one of the most popular toys is an action figure. Produced by McFarlane Toys, this action figure features the Skull Trooper skin introduced in the first season of Fortnite. Also on the action figure is a pickaxe, back bling, and the familiar bolt-action sniper rifle from the game.

Fortnite Victory Royale Series Fade Skin

mask best fortnite toys

Image via Hasbro, Inc.

Do you like cosplay? Without a doubt, this article will help you bring the world of Fortnite to life. This collectible skin is modeled after Fade, a popular gaming character. This Fortnite skin features game-accurate design and premium details, so you’ll be able to wear it proudly at conventions and other fan gatherings.

funkopop! Games: Fortnite – Ryu and Brite Bomber Pack


Image via Funko Inc.

Funko Pop!s are some of the best known action figure producers in the world. The company is famous for turning cultural phenomena into figures with tiny bodies and big heads. So naturally they have plenty of Fortnite options to choose from. However, we will go for Ryu and Brite as this pack offers you a collectible from both worlds, Fortnite and the classic game Street Fighter.

Loot Llama Plush

loot of flames

Image via Jazwares

Loot Llamas are popular among Fortnite players because they contain precious resources. This stuffed animal brings this loot box to life (or at least tries to), allowing you to hug him after losing a match or celebrating a victory. Whatever the reason, it’s hard not to love this adorable stuffed animal.

NERF Fortnite Compact Motorized SMG Blaster

nerf best fortnite toys

Image via Hasbro, Inc.

Since Fortnite is a game that relies heavily on guns and shooting, it makes sense that a gun would be one of the most popular toys. NERF, of course, is famous for making plastic guns that fire foam bullets. The Nerf Fortnite Compact SMG blaster is the perfect tool to recreate your epic matches in real life. This eight-dart motorized replica comes in Ultra Red Wrap and packs serious firepower with its throttle button that fires one dart at a time or unleashes all 8 darts simultaneously when held down.

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