Valorant: A more intense pink, these are the KRU members who will play in Lock-In Brazil

With the excitement of the first event of the year within the competitive world of Valorant, the squads were strengthened with the transfer market where the movements were very interesting, KRU Esports showed great changes for this new stage of its history where it will seek to return to the top positions in this new challenge that is called Liga Americas where only the best compete in this field but we present to you the members of this squad.

Starting by Nicholas “Klaus” Ferrari who maintains his place within the pink squad to show his great strength for the third consecutive year, continuing in his role as an initiator and showing his ability as a communicator in the battles they will fight during this new year, coming from a year where he fought with great strength but failed to repeat the result of 2021 now he has a new challenge.


Following with Juan “Nagz” Lopez who also maintains his role within the Kun squad to continue battling with them again, during the past years he has managed to use a Chamber with whom he has caused fear within the competition to be lethal in the confrontations and in the past months we have seen him take the role of sentinel for some events.


Continuing with a new incorporation we have Alexandre “Xand” Zizi who comes from Brazilian lands to join the ranks of KRU, coming from Ninjas in Pajamas seeks to add his quality of play and experience to flex with different roles with the ability to use an initiator like Fade to be more aggressive with a duelist like Jett Add to a squad with great potential.


Another new member who joins the ranks of the pink squad is Santiago “Daveeys” Ruizthe young Colombian who came to the E-Xolos squad where he managed to stand out with his great display of skill within the competition from the north, being a user of duelists on most occasions, making clear his aggressiveness in the rounds to get effective kills within the meetings.


An old rival changes his jersey to be part of the team, Marco “Melser” Amaro He will take the role of controller within the team to give great support in the various competitions this year. Being an experienced player who comes from Leviathan, he wants to have a new opportunity to continue growing as a player and to continue making his name known throughout of the world.


As the last reinforcement for KRU we have Carlos “Axeddy” Galvao who travels from Brazil to be part of this new formation, a young man who enters the first division field with a unique opportunity, being flexible in the past now we will see him as a controller to support the pink squad within the tournaments of this year, at just 19 years old, he considers himself a player with a lot of potential.


In this new stage for KRU Esports We see an interesting face for the Lock-In where they will demonstrate how these new members prepare to give a very interesting tournament and above all demonstrate that the Liga Americas will be their next objective to qualify for the Masters stage, we still have a lot to see from this squad but only time will tell us if the changes are positive or if we need to work even more.

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