Valorant – Patch 6.01: Lotus reaches ranked queues in a transition patch

Valorant faces its second patch of the year with hardly any changes. After a version 6.0 in which they adjusted Omen and the map changes arrived at the official server of the shooter riot games tactician in this is a slight bug fix to optimize and improve the game before a 6.3 that could come with several nerfs. In addition, the Copy mode has been removed, although it will be available in custom games.

This will come out between early morning from January 18 to 19 and it will be a short version, since except for an error by several agents, there is no nerf in any agent or any modification to weapons, or content of the maps that make up this game. Next, we detail the most important aspects of this 6.1:

Lotus Changes

Lotus will enter competitive map rotation and non-competitive matches starting tomorrow. The changes that have been made to it have been the following:

  • The volume of revolving doors has been reduced while they rotate.
  • bug fixes

Bug fixes to Killjoy

  • Killjoy’s Nanoswarm will no longer deal more damage than intended to destructible objects.

New pack of skins for the Chinese New Year

To this patch will be added the new pack of skins that will arrive in the store and that will be commemorative of the Chinese New Year, which always usually has a skin every year on the occasion of this festivity. The pack is composed of:

  • Knife
  • Ghost
  • Specter
  • Marshall
  • vandal
  • Rabbit charms. When it shoots it changes color, and goes from white to blue

At the moment we do not know its price, but it looks like it will not have an auction and that it will be a “cheap” pack, compared to the last ones they have released. This pack will be available from next January 26.

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