Valve curiosities and unused material is leaked Halftime

In recent days it became known through the community of Reddit which has been classified as the largest leak in the history of valve corporationaccording to the portal PC Gamerwhere multiple files were disseminated in the asset repository format which is used as a standard for sharing them with external collaborators.

The computer vulnerability was evidenced by a user who aired the information on the platform discord and later via Redditbringing together more than 60 gigabytes corresponding to Team Fortress 2in addition to other titles such as Counter Strike, Portal, Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2 both in its Episodes 1 and 2, as well as its respective multiplayer mode.

About Team Fortress 2 it was learned that there was content that was released in a different way than its initial planning and not all the expected material was included, in the case of unused animations, character variants containing an old version of Miss Paulinga color palette alluding to the first part, and a mode RAID which eventually evolved into mann vs. Machine.

One of the most outstanding curiosities is the presence of an image titled “celestine_body” containing clothing Chellprotagonist of Portalcausing the followers of the aforementioned puzzle saga to have begun to speculate that his real name is Celestine and by how it was known to date is a diminutive of it.

Until now, the company chaired by Gabe Newell has not offered any position in this regard and the theme has permeated only in community forums, suggesting that the company is not very concerned for the exposed material, since it is estimated that it dates from 2016.

Likewise, no service transactions were disclosed. Steam that put their users at risk or secrets related to future projects in which the creative team of Valve. For this reason, the mystery of the origin of the leak will persist, and it could be a former collaborator of said corporation.

Computer security and the dissemination of leaks It has become a constant in the video game industry and although in most cases it brings problems associated with security, in others it reveals unknown data. In the case of Valve there were curiosities but also a reality check regarding some non-existent clue of the eventual development of Half Life 3.

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