What is the origin of the Fortnite Llama? Answered

Fortnite has long been one of the most popular battle royales due to its relevant collaborations with various pop culture icons, as well as its many innovative features that have helped it remain a part of mainstream media. Most of the unique weapons, cosmetics, and characters that have been introduced to the game are still significant to this day. However, none are arguably more iconic than the colorful Fortnite Llama. Here is everything you need to know about the origin of this crazy animal.

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When was Loot Llama introduced to Fortnite?

The Loot Llama was first introduced in Save the World, Fortnite’s cooperative PvE campaign, as a type of loot box that you could open with V-Bucks. These purchasable piñatas would contain different types of items such as weapons, traps, and resources that you could use in a match.

However, after the release of Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3, Loot Llama would be brought into Battle Royale as part of Update v3.30. A limited number of these containers would appear during matches and those lucky enough to find one would be rewarded with a large number of valuable weapons and materials.

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Aside from a few minor updates, Loot Llama became a constant presence within the ever-changing landscape of the Fortnite map. But in Chapter 2 Season 7, the immobile container would become even more prominent after Epic Games turned it into a moving animal that you would have to chase to get the resources it contains.

Since then, only slight changes have been made to Loot Llama, with the most significant coming in Chapter 3 Season 2. During this time, it was given the ability to spawn a rift whenever it despawned, giving it gave even more value to those. patient enough to chase it.


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