When is it, time and how to see from Mexico the first video game event of 2023

Xbox in conjunction with Bethesda have confirmed the creation of the Developer_Direct (D_D)a format of showcase very similar to what we have already seen in the Nintendo Direct or State of Play.

As every time these programs are announced, doubts always arise and this time we are going to address some of those related to this first Developer_Direct, which promises to have more than necessary announcements of upcoming exclusive titles for Xbox.

When is the Xbox Developer Direct?

This first show is dated January 25 at 2:00 p.m. Central Mexico. So we will have to write down the day and time, so as not to miss a single detail live.

What games will appear in the Xbox Developer Direct?

redfall 01

So far, four titles have been confirmed to participate in the Developers_Direct, which are the ones we list below.

  • ‘Elder Scrolls Online’: Matt Firor, game director, will be in charge of showing us the updates that ‘ESO’ will include for the 2023 chapter, such as the new regions of Tamriel that will be added to the game. After Developer_Direct, Zenimax Online Studios will start its own event to go into more detail.
  • ‘Forza Motorsport’: disclosure is expected gameplay for this title, developer by Turn 10 Studios, harnessing the power of the new generation of Xbox consoles.
  • ‘Minecraft Legends’: We already know many details regarding this new development by Mojang Studios, however, for this event they have prepared a PvP demonstration of their title. Wait for more exclusive details.
  • ‘Redfall’: Arkane Austin, will show a few minutes of gameplay from his next FPS. In addition to having glimpses of the gameplay in individual and multiplayer, to fully enter the confrontations with vampires. Combat, customization, bosses, and the size of the open world will be introduced.

So there will be a bit of everything, from FPS to fight vampires to exciting racing deliveries, without forgetting the adventures in the overworld from ‘Minecraft’ or updates to ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’.

Xbox Developer Direct Rumors


Few things are rumored about this Developer_Direct, since its official announcement, Xbox has been very transparent about what we can expect from the event. However, recently it was leaked from Xbox Germany that during the show we will know the release dates of ‘Redfall’, ‘Minecraft Legends’ and ‘Forza Motorsport’.

In addition, Xbox revealed in shared documents for the FTC for the purchase of Activision Blizzard, that there are three Bethesda titles in development to be published on its platform. In one of those we are lucky and they reveal to us what is that mysterious third game they are working on, but that remains in the field of speculation.

How long will the Xbox Developer Direct last?

Picture 2

The official announcement page of ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ has revealed that the solo event that they are preparing to start after the Developer_Direct will begin at 2:45 p.m. in central Mexico. So the D_D will last at least 45 minutes.

Naturally, it is possible that he lasts less and takes a short break between events, so in the worst case it could last about 20 minutes.

Is ‘Starfield’ going to appear in the Xbox Developer Direct?

Starfield Firststeps Wallpaper 5654x2763 01 Cropped

Unfortunately not. But that refusal does not imply bad news, as Bethesda revealed that they are preparing an exclusive event for ‘Starfield’ in order to fully focus on this installment. This is how they let it be seen through their social networks, where they published the announcement.

Join us for the #DeveloperDirect brought to you by Xbox and Bethesda, featuring major updates to ‘Minecraft Legends,’ ‘Redfall,’ ‘Forza Motorsport,’ and ‘The Elder Scrolls Online.’

In order to dedicate the right amount of time for a deep dive into ‘Starfield’, a separate program is in the works.

Therefore, we have to wait a little more to learn more about this long-awaited title.

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