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The Fifth edition of the Argentine tournament Master Flow League with the League of Legends video game, one of the most important worldwide within the universe of electronic sports (esports), once again face the best teams in the country with the dream of reaching the Latin American League.

This Thursday, from 6:00 p.m., the Master Flow League will begin the first date of its tournament that, on this occasion, brings important news compared to the previous edition.

the former champion Globant Emerald Team of the 2021 edition, after passing through the Latin American League, the Copa Libertadores of the League of Legends, he returned to the country to compete with the dream to return to the international level.

To achieve these objectives, the gamer division of the Argentine unicorn was reinforced with Ramiro Nicolás “Puentinho” Puente (Top Laner), Ignacio “Follow” Anderson (Jungle) and Marco Nicolás “Tulz” Villani (Support). The Chilean legends Benjamin Esteban “Emp” Ramírez Mercado (Mid) and Benjamin Ignacio “Kindless” Fuenzalida Barrera (ADC) complete the quintet.

“Our vision when assembling this team was aimed at a stable work group with projection/evolution. Some of them know each other, which facilitates synergy and what we seek with this is to work constantly to win the Opening and arrive with armed work and time to the regional”, said “Nerakk” Camelino, coach of the Globant Emerald Team.

On the other hand, in this new edition the quintets of Primate and Newell’s Esports who promoted after winning the 2022 Promo/Relegation.

“Being the first official Primate match in LVP, one hopes to win, to start on the right foot more against a complicated and direct rival like Macro Pampas They have a very good team,” admitted Julian De Marco, Primate’s general manager.

The Primate team, from left to right: Chordy, Lesmart, Shembu, Kirm, Nate, and Shookz.

The Primate team, from left to right: Chordy, Lesmart, Shembu, Kirm, Nate, and Shookz.

And he added: “On this first date no team has been competing, just trainingTherefore, we cannot be certain of what will happen. Yes, we are going to get excited to see Primate and our players competing for the first time on the stage”, sports director of Newells Esports.

The rosarino team the first from Argentine soccer to achieve promotionkept the base that he beat Stone Movistar Promotion 2022.

“We believe that the fact of having guys who have been working together for a long time gives them a push and a strength that other teams don’t have, that’s why I don’t think it will be difficult for us in the first dates”recognized Alejandro Helmbold, sports director of Newells Esports.

And he added: “We aspire to qualify for the Playoffs and then be among the top six in the tournament. It’s a bit difficult to come out championsince there are many teams that made a very large investment in structure and quality of players that NOB cannot compete.

In total, this year the Master Flow League will be made up of 11 teams: Undead BK, River Plate Gaming, Boca Juniors Gaming, Globant Emerald Team, Newell’s Esports, Primate, EBRO, Macro Pampas, Maycam Evolve, WAP Esports and Malvinas Gaming.

Master Flow League 2023: how it is played

Master Flow League, the matches of the first day.

Master Flow League, the matches of the first day.

Regarding the competitive format of the Opening Tournament, it will take place in two stages: League Phase and Play-Off.

In the first instance, they will dispute 11 days that will be defined in matches to the best of 5 series. At the end, the first 6 teams in the table will qualify for the Play-off phase for the champion title.

In addition, the champion of the Opening Tournament will have a guaranteed place to compete in theto new South Regional League which will begin in the month of May and will bring together the best of the National Leagues of Argentina, Chile and Peru.

All the crossings of the competition can be followed live on Thursdays and Fridays from 6:00 p.m. on Flow channel 601 and the official LVP channels on Twitch and YouTube.

Coscu returns to League of Legends

After a frustrated step with Sergio “Kun” Agüero’s team, KRU Esports, the popular streamer Martin Perez Di Salvo Try your luck again with the League of Legends now within the Undead Gaming BK quintet.

The KRÜ Esports League of Legends team faced Opening 2022 with a squad that had Coscu as one of its main figures, at least the most attractive. But the ambitious project faded after a handful of games.

The news of the separation was announced by the streamer himself through a series of tweets, although without giving too many details. It was not until February 2022, on his return to live broadcasts from Twitch, that Coscu took the opportunity to talk about his departure.

Coscu, the first from left to right, along with the rest of his former KRÜ Esports teammates.

Coscu, the first from left to right, along with the rest of his former KRÜ Esports teammates.

“I wanted to fulfill a frustrated dream. The project motivated me a lot and I gave up everything to play and live up to it. I think he was the worst along with Zeko, but we were learning. I wanted to continue, but I couldn’t. Not being able to continue, I made the decision to leave. Don’t get caught with anyone. The responsibility is mine. I left everything, but it was not enough, ”she noted.

On the other hand, the “Undead”, champions of the LMF in 2020, incorporated an old acquaintance from the scene and a personal friend of Coscu, such as Federico “zEkO” Cristalinoto occupy the middle lane, that is, the role of midfielder to support the rest of the classmates.

The rest of the quintet is made up of former River Plate Esports Santiago “Xypherz” de León (Jungla), former Primate Laureano “Uxie” Damian Frias (Botlaner), Lucas “Proto” Ortiz (Toplaner) and former Maycam Evolve Fran “FZK “Mary.

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