Europe charges against online video games in defense of minors

A report commissioned by the European Union, which it was approved with 577 votes in favor, 56 against and 15 abstentionscalls for steps to be taken to give parents and guardians more information and control over the online video games their children are playing, as well as the money they are spending on them.

The main risk identified in the report are the products that are offered within the videogames themselves because they can promote gambling addiction.

The Norwegian Consumer Council concluded that these practices, often known as loot boxes, violate the rights of consumers within the European market. Virtual chests, sticker packs with soccer players, card packs or boxes with new weapon skins… Numerous online video games offer the possibility of acquiring mystery packages containing coveted in-game items for real money.

loot boxes

Protect children from loot boxes

Are loot boxes can usually be purchased with the currency of the game itself, but usually the developers encourage the purchase of boxes or, even, they encourage the most vulnerable to do so with unethical tactics: minors.

One only has to observe the leading role played by all the free video game object stores such as Fortnite, Counter-Strike, FIFA either League of Legends in its interface. Although the possibility of winning real money is not provided, players are gambling like in a casino every time they buy a jack-in-the-box. In this case, they are acquiring the possibility of obtaining a skin for their champion of lower or higher value, usually cataloged by the video game itself with a category and color according to its rarity or probability.

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