Finetwork multiplies its presence in eSports as a sponsor of KOI

The Fineworks Company, has announced that, during 2023, will continue to sponsor KOI, an eSports team that, with just over a year of life, has become one of the most followed internationally. With this new agreement, the company takes another step in its commitment to electronic sports.

Finetwork supported KOI in the first competitions of League of Legends (LoL) since its birth in 2021. Looking ahead to next year, the brand will continue to accompany the KOI LoL team both in the Spanish Super League, where it will be title sponsor
from the Finetwork KOI team, as well as at the European level in the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC), where we can see the Finetwork logo on the players’ kits.

A year of news: Valorant, FIFA, Rainbow6 and more

One of the main news regarding the Finetwork sponsorship is that it will be extended to the competitions that KOI will start competing in this year: Valorant, Rainbow6, FIFA, Teamfight Tactics and Rocket League. In this way, the fiber and mobile company fully enters the world of gaming.

In Valorant, we will see KOI for the first time in the Valorant Champions Tour EMEA (VCT), which will bring together the best teams from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Regarding the famous football video game FIFA, KOI will have the support of Finetwork to represent the FC Andorra square. The sponsorship of rainbow6 it also becomes one of the most attractive projects for Finetwork, after the KOI team was crowned world champion in 2022.

“We firmly believe that the world of electronic sports is only taking its first steps, and that it is causing, and will cause, a true revolution in leisure and sports around the world. As a fiber and mobile company, one of our objectives is to support this technological revolution. In this sense, KOI represents the values ​​of innovation, sportsmanship and closeness with which we want to associate ourselves, for which we are delighted to be able to announce the new sponsorship agreement, which will allow us to be part of this exciting adventure,” explained María Teresa Rivera, CMO of Finetwork.

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