Fortnite VR gameplay is here, but Epic says it has no official plans

It’s true, it’s real: the Fortnite VR game is here, with a full mod likely on the way in the not too distant future. Developed by ‘Praydog’, who previously added VR support for games like Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5, the new Fortnite VR mod comes after Epic all but confirmed that they have no official plans to put VR in the game. battle royale. . So if you’re already looking forward to the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 release date, well, here’s something else to look forward to.

Praydog, a software developer whose most famous project is the REFramework, which adds VR support to all games using Capcom’s RE Engine, is currently developing a VR injector for games using Epic’s Unreal, which naturally includes Fortnite. .

Check it out below. We’re not saying this is a game changer, at least not yet, but learning the best Fortnite tips could come in handy right now, before everyone starts moving around and scoring accurate headshots thanks to virtual reality.

There’s currently no release date for Praydog’s Fortnite VR mod, but when it does arrive, it should be playable on private servers, maintained specifically for VR gamers. The recent footage comes after Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said the company has “no plans” to bring VR to Fortnite, explaining that VR wouldn’t suit the game’s mechanics and style. .

“Epic has no plans to build a VR version of Fortnite,” Sweeney told The Verge. “Not because of any great business strategy, but simply because what we do in Fortnite every day as players runs quickly in an environment, and it’s the kind of experience that involves intense movement and doesn’t work as well in VR. ”

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