“Have you never played League of Legends? Good decision”: Faker advises against Riot’s game despite being the best player in history – League of Legends

One of the strangest things about League of Legends it’s your community. Many players who genuinely enjoy playing a few games of the title of Riot Games they discourage others from even trying it. There is a general point of meme with this matter, although also a certain sincerity. It is a video game that forces us to tolerate frustration. In the same way that practicing a sport at a highly competitive level is not always fun, some gameplay sessions in the MOBA are nightmare material that we just want to forget. The situation reaches such a point that even Fakerundisputed best player in history, appeared in a video advising another person to try it.

Faker dresses as a teacher to give advice on League of Legends

The triple League of Legends world champion appeared in the video of a well-known Korean doctor accompanied by Zeus, one of his teammates. A casual interview while the three involved shared a meal in which they talked about the Riot Games game. It was in this context that the player, somewhat surprised, He asked the interview driver if he had never played to the Riot Games title. It should be borne in mind that gambling in South Korea is even more popular than in the rest of the world. To give us an idea, there are more users who have played ‘rankeds’ during Season 13 in this region (+893,000) than in Western Europe (+752,000).

Even though the account is difficult to carry out, it is quite safe and pessimistic to say that more than 10% of the inhabitants of South Korea play or have played League of Legends, so by that part Faker’s surprise is understood. However, the real genius came later. When the doctor confessed that he hadn’t even played once, he replied with a simple “good call.” A phrase that, yes, later he wanted to qualify. “There are a lot of people who get stressed a lot with the game, so I think not playing is a good option. Even normal gamers (referring to non-professionals) can’t fully enjoy it,” he explained.

All told, the player also defended the benefits of the game. “Each game can vary in many ways. There are countless numbers of aspects of the game that make you feel like you you are playing something new every time“. His partner Zeus also explained it: “When I started playing, I did it without thinking. Now that I am a professional I have to do it wisely. There are unforeseen moments when everything can change in 0.1 seconds and that makes it similar to chess or go (a popular board game in Asia). Each and every element of the game that is prone to change makes it very exciting and fun, in my opinion.”

Talk Faker Zeus And Doctor

The players took advantage of the atmosphere to talk about League of Legends in a relaxed way

Beyond these statements, which must be understood in their context, Faker has made very important criticisms of League of Legends over the last few years. Most of them are related to ranked matches. During this same Season 13, he has complained about the matchmaking and MMR system, also ensuring that there is a problem with the “snowball” effect. In his opinion, the team that gains an advantage in the first few minutes has too many chances to end up winning the game. In addition, in the past he has also requested big improvements over other aspects of the game. Although focused on the entire community, to a large extent he wants the company to make it somewhat easier for professionals. Perhaps with a similar initiative like the EMEA Champions Queue?

You can check out the original interview on YouTube, but it is only available with Korean audio and English subtitles.

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