How to get the Medic title in Overwatch 2

While there are some people who look down on the support class in Overwatch 2, it’s still a very important job. Keeping your teammates alive while also staying in the fight is a difficult balance that needs a lot of game sense to pull off perfectly. If you’re a support player in Overwatch 2, you might notice some people start using the Medic title on their profile. This is how you can get it yourself.

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How to unlock the Medic title in Overwatch 2

To earn the title of Medic in Overwatch 2, all you need to do is win 250 total games in Unranked or Competitive Play while playing Support. Obviously the best way to do this is to enter any of these game modes in Role Queue so you can focus on that class. That being said, you can do this in Open Queue if you choose any of the Supports. This does not count towards Arcade or Custom Game modes. We also recommend avoiding Mystery Heroes for this particular title.

The 250 required games is quite a lot, but that number can add up pretty quickly without you paying attention. As long as you get on, play your favorite support and win the game. If you ever want to check your progress, go to the Challenges page and look for the Medic entry under the Lifetime tab.

If you feel you’re not having enough success in your Medic title quest, you may want to consider looking at our updated Support Hero Tier Rankings. With the consistency with which Overwatch 2 receives hero changes, they can regularly move up and down the utility ladder. With that being said, we always recommend playing a character you feel most comfortable with in order to win.


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