How to mark enemies in Fortnite

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If you are wondering how to mark enemies in Fortnite to complete a weekly mission or alert your teammates of imminent danger, we bring you everything you need to know about it.

Without any doubt, marking enemies in Fortnite It is one of the most useful functions within the battle royale since we can point out weapons, landing points and even other players to the rest of our teammates. Especially if it is the case that we are playing without voice chat.

Therefore, marking enemies can be the difference between staying alive or being eliminated when we play both in duos, trios or squads. Therefore, we give you all the details and how to do it so that you do not miss a detail.

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How to mark enemies in Fortnite

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Marking an enemy in Fortnite is very easy

The easiest way to mark enemies in Fortnite is to aim them with the reticle of the weapon that we have and press the “place marker” button twice.

We’ll have to check the button mapping in the settings menu to find out where the “placeholder” button is assigned. In the case of using a controller it should be on the left on the D-pad by default.

Another way to mark enemies in Fortnite is to stay inside a capture point at any major POI long enough to capture the flag. Doing so will instantly mark all enemies within the POI.

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One last method is to use the new falcon scout item. If we throw them into the air and press the “search for enemies” button that appears on the screen, we can mark all the opponents that are in a radius.

Whichever method we use we have to be careful of our surroundings because all the time we spend trying to mark enemies could leave us in a vulnerable position.

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