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Peru kicks off the 2023 season with the Opening of Claro Gaming Stars Leaguethe Peruvian tournament of League of Legends. After the promotion tournament, Cienciano Esports, Club Deportivo Municipal, Lightning Esports and South Gaming withdrew and their places were filled by Mad Kings, Red Eye, Vipers and Cremas Esports.

On January 19, the official tournament of the country will begin, which will offer places for the Latin American League at the end of the season. Antares Esports, Cremas Esports, Diamond Doves, Incubus, Mad Kings, Red Eye, Spectacled Bears and Vipers are the teams that will seek glory in that first split.

Matches of the first date of Claro Gaming Stars League

Thursday January 19

  • Incubus vs. Esport Creams – 19:00 pm
  • Mad Kings vs. Antares Esports – 9:00 p.m.

Friday January 20

  • Vipers vs. Red Eye – 5:00 p.m.
  • Spectacled Bears vs. Diamond Doves – 7:00 p.m.

You can follow the event through the official Twitch and YouTube channels of the Professional Video Game League. You can also follow all the incidents through Depor or the official Twitter of the event.

You can also leave your predictions in the interactive voting that the LVP prepares. Polaridad, caster of the Claro Gaming Stars League, predicts that Cremas Esport and Incubus will be tied on this day with one point each.

While he believes that Mad Kings will take the two points against Antares Esports. What is your prediction for this first day of the tournament?

There will be a total of seven weeks of the regular stage of the Apertura before going to the knockout stage, where the first places will go to dispute the first title of the year.

Where to see Claro Gaming Stars League?

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