LoL: Faker breaks two historical records in the LCK

Faker is living history of League of Legends. It is not necessary to give it more qualifiers than we and the rest of the players, analysts, casters and members of the electronic sports community have already placed on them, but from time to time, the Demon King surpasses himself again with another record that looks difficult to overcome in the short term.

Faker surpassed GorillA and becomes the LCK player with more assists in league history, surpassing a whopping 4,137. This data is one of the most meritorious in the midfielder’s career in South Korea, and it must be taken into account that the majority of players who fill these positions are usually the supports, since they are the ones with the most utility, shields and initiations they usually do so that the rest of their companions finish off the rivals in the fights.

T1 won their battle against KT in the ‘Telecom Wars’ with another historic Faker brand

One of the most morbid duels in recent years in the LCK is the ‘Telecom Wars’ that measures both T1 and KT. The two companies in the telecommunications sector are two classics in the league, and despite the fact that the latter has not been in the leading positions in recent years, it is always attractive and encouraging for the viewer to see this type of clash within the Summoner’s Rift.

In this clash, T1 took the win, although they suffered more than necessary to take the series and their 2-0 in the standings. KT fought until the end and forced Faker and company to play the third map, where Gumayusi and Keria were absolute protagonists. In addition to the 4137 assists surpassed by the ‘Demon King’, Faker reached 2,700 kills, widening his distance with respect to his pursuers in the ranking of player with the most casualties in this league.

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