The Super League jungle has its own king: Maokai

It’s been an intense week as far as League of Legends competition is concerned. The Super League has already started and the different teams have left us their first impressions. Some seem completely invincible, as is the case with MovistarRiders. On the other hand, we find organizations that have not yet managed to wake up and there it is. Finework koi.

Each of these teams have revealed some picks with whom they feel most comfortable. However, there is one in particular that is dominating the competition from start to finish. It’s about Maokai. For some time now, the Twisted Treant has proven to be quite strong. Nevertheless, players have found a build of ability power that is destroying each and every one of the Super League games he plays.

Maokai, the jungle-busting champion of the Super League

To date, Maokai has been played in nine times in Super League. Of all those games, the champion has won seven of themwhich translates into a 77.8% of win rate. Every time fans see a Maokai in a match they know that the chances of winning are more than high. Not only that, but his presence among picks Y bans increases up to 73.3%which supposes the already mentioned nine choices and two bans.

For now, Maokai will receive a nerf Facing the patch 13.2. Not only that, but Riot Games will also be attacking the Demonic Embrace. This will greatly reduce the power of Maokai AP and players will have to find a new champion to prioritize in the jungle. The normal thing would be that Wukong to be the king of Summoner’s Rift again.

The Super League will return on Tuesday 24 of January with the day 4 in which we will see if, finally, KOI manages to scratch his first victory.

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