To the rhythm of Fortnite! The fun dance of the new spot that Mega premiered for “Married with Children”

20 in. 2023 – 4:30 p.m.

A fun preview of “Married with children” It was the one that premiered this week through Mega’s social networks.

In the clip, the four members of the “Larraín” family appear: “Kena” (Javiera Contador) “Tito” (Fernando Larraín), “Nacho” (Fernando Godoy) and “Titi” (Dayana Amigo), dancing to the popular official song of the series.

All about Married with Children

The new spot of “Married with Children”

The choreography chosen for this spot was not ordinary, but they moved their arms in front of and behind their bodies, imitating the dance that the video game launched in 2017 “Fortnite”.

In the description, they detailed that the next month of march This new season will be released, which will be broadcast only on Mega screens.

The funny video caused a furor among the fans who are waiting for the production, for time to pass quickly for March to arrive and to see again the adventures of the “Larraín” family.

“Married with children”

“Let it start now”, “tremendous cast”, “any coordination”, “the best thing that could happen to Chilean television in recent years” and “I want it now now” are some of the messages that can be found on the publication.

It should be noted that this new cycle of “Married with Children” comes with its original cast, including the actors Marcial Tagle, Carmen Gloria Bresky and Jaime Omeñaca, who personify the neighbors “Pablo”, “Marcia” and “Lucho Montaner”, respectively.

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