Why did you create the LoL jungle pets in Season 13?

The Season 13 from League of Legends brought some interesting changes to the game. One of the clear examples we have in the communication system, now finding ourselves in front of a much more varied one that allows us to give more information to our colleagues. Nevertheless, the most radical change in LoL came to the jungle. From Riot they updated this role and now the players who play their games in it have a pet that helps them clean the camps and gives them benefits.

Hours ago, Matt Leung-Harrison”riot phroxson«, Lead Designer for League of Legends, confirmed the reason why they had updated this role in such a way. And as we could assume, the main idea was to give greater accessibility to all new players or those who wanted to play this role for the first time. For this reason, the objective was to change that object that we knew previously but for some it was very difficult to learn.

The jungle pets and their reason for being in LoL

As confirmed from Riot, the previous item of jungle had a great description that everyone should learn when playing this role. However, we now have a much more intuitive mascot that allows new users to quickly adapt to the role. Thus, although the veterans will understand it at first, we are now faced with a jungle system that any novice player can understand.

«The pet makes us understand why the camps take damage, the reason why the jungler heals while dealing that damage to them, or the reason why you get bonus experience from killing these camps. To this is added that the reason why the smite changes (evolution) is much clearerPhroxzon claimed on Twitter.

I also lefteither Of course the colors follow the trichrome pattern, using red for damage, green for durability, and blue for in-game utility. In this way, although we do not read what each pet is for, at the end of the game we will have it clear due to the mere fact of the facilities they have provided.

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