Hackers attack Riot Games affecting League of Legends

Riot Games made a statement on his page Twitterannouncing the bad news that a “social engineering attack” has caused disruptions to their services.

The consequences of this unfortunate turn of events will mean delays in rolling out updates to most Riot Games products.

Riot’s two star games are Valorant and League of Legends, and it seems that they will be greatly affected. But the developers have done their best to defuse the tension between disgruntled players.

In their Twitter post, Riot explained that they don’t have all the answers at the moment, however, they will keep their followers up to date on developments. The company assured players that as far as it is aware, no personal information or player data has been leaked as a result of the breach.

Although this is good news, the bad news was that Riot announced that its update releases will be affected in several of its games, but did not go ahead and name them specifically.

Riot asked everyone for patience while the investigations are carried out, in what seems like 2023 for Riot without being able to take a breather.

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