Minecraft fixed one of its most annoying bugs

Mojang Studiosthe developer of the open world blocky video game, has implemented some changes and improvements that it has made available to users through the snapshot of Minecraft 23W03Aas shown on its website.

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One of the bugs fixed is one of the most famous glitches in the game, which had been going on since 2012 and it still hadn’t been fixed. This is the user’s character’s reaction when he takes damage from an attack.

When damage is taken on Minecraft, the character staggers to the left regardless of where the source of damage is coming from. However, this is not the reaction that the developers intended for the character, rather he should stagger to the opposite side of the attack.

That is, if the character is hit from behind, they should stagger forward, thus indicating where the hit came from, as this is very useful information for the player.

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This bug initially only occurred in Minecraft multiplayer, but after merging the two modes (singleplayer and multiplayer) in 2012, the bug called “damage swing” was carried over to both game modes. Since then, players have requested a rectification numerous times.

Now, the developers have fixed this “bug” that has been going on for so long and can already be tested in the beta patch to fix bugs before being officially released with the 1.19.4 update rollout should be fixed.

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