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The award-winning and best-selling series Monster Hunter™ brings today the acclaimed Monster Hunter™ Rise to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 for a suggested retail price, in Mexico*, of US$39.99 (PlayStation Store) / MXN$805.00 (Microsoft Store). The worldwide release is also available with Xbox Game Pass for console, PC, and the cloud. Monster Hunter Rise It has already sold over 11 million units and has received widespread praise for its distinctive action RPG gameplay, exciting new features, and free post-launch support. Monster Hunter Rise It offers features like 4K resolution support, advanced graphics options, voice chat, 3D audio, and much more. Following its acclaimed releases on Nintendo Switch™ and Steam, Monster Hunter Rise transports players to the colorful village of Kamura, as it prepares to fend off the oncoming Frenzy.

*Other countries in the region must confirm prices and conditions in their respective digital stores.

A new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise can be found on the Capcom LATAM YouTube channel, and other related assets are already available for download from the Capcom Press Center.

To defeat the impending Frenzy, Kamura’s hunters will make use of the new Comrade Canyne hunting companions and the cordopter grab mechanic in the series’ signature action-packed combat. Comrade Canyne companions join series favorites Comrade Felyne to help players on their hunts. In addition to bringing their considerable offensive capabilities to any combat, Canyne Comrades can also carry Hunters on their backs to quickly pursue fleeing monsters and traverse open maps. Cordopters, meanwhile, allow hunters to nimbly grip in any direction during a hunt, and can be paired with each of the 14 weapon types to create unique cordopter attacks. By damaging monsters with these new attacks, they become susceptible to the new Wyvern Mount technique, which allows players to temporarily take control of a monster and lead to spectacular battle sequences during a hunt.

When players are not exploring the five expansive settings, such as the Forgotten Temple, Flooded Forest, and Sandy Plains, they can also take on hordes of gigantic monsters in the new Frenzy quest type introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. In these missions, the hunters work with the citizens of Kamura Village to prepare defensive installations and protect the fortress barricades against waves of invading monsters, including powerful Apex (Monsters) that may arrive during the siege. In addition to the new game mode, Monster Hunter Rise it also introduces new skill changes for each weapon as hunters progress through the game. By interchanging these new abilities with existing normal or cordoat attacks, players can create entirely new combos and strategies to suit their preferred playstyles.

Monster Hunter Rise It also includes new features to improve bonding with other players on hunts. Dynamic difficulty scaling for multiplayer automatically adjusts as new players enter and exit core missions. The new Hunter Link feature allows players to create tags with their objectives and playstyles, search for other players with the same tags, or invite friends to tags they have joined. By completing a mission in multiplayer, players will also be able to “like” the other hunters in their party and increase their chances of finding each other in matchmaking.

Monster Hunter Rise features customizable optimizations, allowing hunters to enjoy their journey in 4K resolution and 60 FPS on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, as well as offering 3D audio for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Ranged and shield weapons also make use of the DualSense™ adaptive triggers on PlayStation 5. In addition, the huge paid expansion Monster Hunter™ Rise: Sunbreak It will arrive in the spring of 2023.

Happy hunting!

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