Pavlov the number 1 VR shooter is coming to PlayStation VR2

The players of PlayStation VR2 they will have an exciting surprise at launch of the console next month, since Vankrupt Games has confirmed that Pavlov will join the list of games available at launch.

Pavlov was announced for PS VR2 almost two years ago and since then we had not received any newsbut now has been confirmed as a release title for Sony’s upcoming VR headset like you could already see in the news of the more than 30 games coming to PlayStation VR2.

Pavlov, the VR Counter Strike is coming to PlayStation VR2

Pavlov is the number one multiplayer shooter in PC VR, the dubbed as the Counter Strike of Virtual Reality. But it is that in PS VR2 will not be less as it will feature realistic weapon interactions and accessories, and a variety of competitive and social game modes.

Players can face off in a failed experiment in which a subject experiencesHe has escaped being a game with an asymmetrical style of 1 against all. But also join three friends to face waves of zombies in cooperative mode.

They may also drive a T-34 tank and communicate with your gunner to delete a group of Nazi soldiers, or use your intelligence and reasoning to solve a murder mystery in TTT mode. Or they can just turn shaped any kind of shape to hide and play hide.

Pavlov’s developer has shared some more information on his Twitter

On Twitter, Pavlov developer Davevillz, shared more details about this version. He assured that the version of PS VR2 will be the same as PC with support for crossplay.

Nevertheless, Pavlov’s Shack what is the version of quest 2will not have crossplay but it is possible that this change in the future. Although at first, Davevillz had indicated that if would support cross play between PlayStation VR2 and Quest 2, but Ultimately it won’t be like that.

Pavlov will join the catalog of Playstation VR2 games on February 22, 2023. No pricing details have been revealed yet, but currently the pc VR version costs on steam less than €22.

PS VR2 players will be able to immerse themselves in a exciting gaming experience and full of action with Pavlov. In this way you can enjoya wide variety of game modes and options to personalize your experience. Undoubtedly one of the best newss you could receive the device from Sony.

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