Agustín reveals the interest of the Salchichón Squad in creating a podcast

Augustine51 has revealed the intentions of the Sausage Squad for the future: create a podcast. The streamer member of the group, together with vincent, Ampeter Y TheGrefghe is tired of being related only for playing video games and would like to create content that is more related to current affairs.

“We are figures who have been part of the childhood of many people in Spain,” he explains. “We have the feeling that all of us we can bring very wise opinions to any topic of conversation. We are worth more than constantly commenting on a video game.”

We are tired of being only known for having played the Grand Challenge or Fortnite. For the vast majority of people, they have only consumed a TikTok of me shouting at Fortnite, we would like people to consume our content talking about important current issues, talking about mature and adult things, which is what we are currently interested in”.

They are still in the early stages of the podcast and are talking about where should it be broadcast. TheGrefg, being the best known figure of all of them, thought that the best option for this was his Twitch channel.

Both Agustín, Ampeter and Vicente understood the reasons put forward by their partner, but they have refused to allow the podcast to be broadcast only on their channel. “Ampeter, Vicente and I told him no. that it will not be like that“, he explains live.

“Sadly, if we do a podcast on Grefg’s channel, it will once again be Grefg and his friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s one of the four podcasts, when someone gives an opinion about something, people will be thinking ‘can you shut up?’ and we would not be comfortable. All the credit would go to TheGrefg.”

We are waiting to finally find out where the Salchichón Squad podcast is broadcast and when it will begin its broadcast.

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