LEC Matchday 2: G2 destroys Fnatic in the classic

LEC Matchday 2 LEC G2 beat Fnatic

The week is over and the second day of the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC). koi repeat victory and join the list of leaders with Team Vitality, mad lions Y G2. The latter does so as the main favorite of the LEC, after beating Fnatic with a beating included. The orange organization, for its part, becomes bottom line beside Astralis, SK Gaming Y EXCEL Esports. Matchday 2 had it all, although unfortunately from the Hispanic community, Team Heretics met the defeat before a powerful Vitality.

SK Gaming – Team BDS: BDS fulfills its first mission

open the day 2 of LEC and it does so with a fairly important match. We saw that the new format of LEC proposes an elimination to the last two teams of the first round. It is because of that SK Y BDS they fought to one of their first finals for meet your goal not to go home early. The duel fell in favor of the Team BDS project, which demonstrates the value of its signings.

Despite being far from showing a game of the highest level, Team BDS rose from the KOI hit and got his first win. The Swiss organization adds up against a direct rival in the standings and does so by justifying the names of its squad. Great performance by Ilias Bizriken”nuc» and Theo Borile «Sheo» for the first victory of BDS. The midlaner and the jungler were key in the team’s victory, especially the rookie jungler who stole a Baron Nashor key.

SK succumbs in the first week and already confirms that it will end the first week in negative. The German team did not adjust the machine well and still does not show a level according to its players. While BDS is put with a 1-1 and will seek to surprise in the same way excel to continue with the objective of getting away from the bottom.

Astralis – MAD Lions: The lion continues to show its teeth in LEC

Stomp manual in the second game on Sunday. MAD Lions deals a very hard blow to Astralis and sends it to the bottom of the table. The Lions have returned to the LEC quite a bit. plugged in and they aim to finish the first week among those above. review of mad lions what is he wearing 2-0 with a very good performance by Yasin Dinçer”nisqy» and Javier Prades «elyoya«.

Just over 25 minutes, all the dragons and not a single stumble in team fights, MAD Lions takes the stage and delivers. Very solid game of the lions that leaves Astralis with worse feelings than the day before. The hunts on Kim Dong-hyeon «Chasy»They may be the only thing that can be criticized in this second game, but there was merit in the people of Astralis. Total refusal to get into the mud, MAD Lions has taken the beginning very seriously and immaculately puts on with a 2-0. Astralis already starts as bottom and joins the group of those who will end the first week with a negative overall.

Team Vitality – Team Heretics: The bee stings again

Go score, we have one of the first candidates. Unless it’s a huge optical illusion, Team Vitality aims to be one of the best teams in the LEC. The French team beats Heretics and gets 2-0. Vitality is eliminating doubts about his level and especially about his team play.

Takes off ‘the boneta‘, Vitality enjoys a great League of Legends by the hand of Zhou Yangbo «Bo«. The Chinese jungler shows another facet of the team with the choice of sejuani and forms a solid composition for Vitality. Little could Team Heretics do despite great combos with Wukong and the Kalista by Jakob Kepplejackspektra«. Vitality takes the second win and it does not take off from the first positions.

The most important thing about this duel is that Vitality already has two victories against direct rivals in high positions. Let’s remember that now the LEC does not have a second round, so Vitality already has two direct duels won. On the part of Team Heretics this does not mean anything bad. The Heretics have been playing very well despite coming off a long way behind in champion select. Heretics already knows what is to win and what is to lose In LEC, he will have to try to finish with a positive result tomorrow against SK Gaming.

EXCEL Esports – KOI: KOI among the leaders

The rookie Spanish organization continues on a roll. KOI adds his second victory in the LEC after beating EXCEL Esports. Although the victory was calm and comfortable for a large part of the game, the end brought a bit of doubt and panic. The tents returned to a classic bot lane duo, Soraka Y Kalistato answer the Lucian Nami.

While the KOI team seemed to focus on early game, Kassadin’s final pick for Emil Larsson.”larsen» put the accountant in the plans. the lines phase would justify the choice of Kalista and Sorakawith a just kill for the KOIs. From there the game fell into complete control of the tents, who crushed the gold marker and objectives. EXCEL was about to enter the battle and come back with a Baron Nashor robbery by Vincent BerrieVetheo” with Ahri.

After the little scare KOI got back on the road and with the complete escalation on the part of Larssen, he finished the match. The Ibai team joins the leaders with the 2-0 and celebrate the great level in which Markos Stamkopoulos continues «comp» and Adrian Trybus «Trymbi«. by the side of excelthe British team begins to be the disappointment of the start of LEC. EXCEL will close the week in negative, still having the opportunity to avoid 0-3 against Team BDS Monday.

Fnatic – G2 Esports: Samurai Destroy Fnatic in LEC Classic

Let the new samurai cook, G2 Esports takes the featured matchup of the week against Fnatic. The Derby European falls in favor of G2, who crushed Fnatic with recent signings as figures. The legendary draven by Steven Livhans sama»was the doom of a lazy Fnatic, who succumbed to every anchor of the nautilus Michael Mehle «mikyx«. G2 continues to show that they are one of the top favorites and now they do beating the classic rival by beating.

Less than 25 minutes it was enough for G2 to end the dreams of Fnatic. The samurai reviewed their classic rival, who could not do anything at any time. G2 meets the expectations that were given and put the 2-0 on your bookmark. In turn, the samurai they sink Fnatic among the bottom teams and give a demonstration of the power of their bot lane. mikyx he takes all the ballots to be the MVP of the first week, with a hellish performance in his two games.

G2 will seek to close the opening week with the 3-0 East monday in view of Astralis, where they start as clear favorites. While fnatic tries to save himself from finishing the first week as bottom team in the duel against koi. It will be very difficult for Fnatic, which of course The LEC has not started as expected let alone Martin Larsson”Rekkles«Who has not been seen in great synergy with the team.

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