NA Champions Queue suspended due to little activity

The Champions Queue season got off to a slow start with very few players participating in the North American exclusive queue.

The new season of professional League of Legends has already started in several regions and in the case of North America, it also marked the start of the first split of the exclusive queues of the Champions Queue. However, it has not had the expected start, since the players from the region have not participated as they should, having to temporarily suspend the matches.

One of the great initiatives that Riot Games last season was the creation of the Champions Queue featuring players from the LCS, LLA, and LCS Academy. Although its first year was successful, leading other regions to copy these exclusive queues, this 2023 has not had the impact of last season with a rather weak start.

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The first split of Champions Queue 2023 It started on January 13 and after a rather slow start with the players playing a few games, from January 18 to 20 there were no games. After these days of inactivity, the board finally made the decision to suspend the competition until February.

Zack “Whoopley” ElliottChampions Queue project manager explained that the low activity is due to the fact that professional players are focused on climbing in SoloQ, after the start of LoL Season 13. Plus, there’s a new practice schedule that ends later, leaving less time for exclusive queues.

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The low activity of the players reinforced the questions that arose last season, since not all the players in the LCS, ALL Y LCS Academy they spent the time expected in the queue. With the opening of EMEA Champions Queuethe former support of SK Gaming, Erik “Treatz” Wessen He was of the opinion that the economic incentive helped to motivate the players, now that the cash prize is gone, it could be a factor for the low activity.

We will have to wait until next month when the clashes of the Champions Queue, let’s see if the professional players recover the motivation of the exclusive queues. The LLA starts next Tuesday, January 24, while the LCS It will start on Thursday the 26th.

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