The creators of Pokemon Go and the NBA launch video game

American video game company nianticdeveloper of pokemon go‘, prepares the launch of a basketball game in collaboration with the nba for mobile phones, a commitment to making the possibilities of the metaverse accessible to everyone.

Through the initiative, called ‘NBA All-World’the company wants to create an experience in which real-world movement is mixed with elements of virtual reality.

Using the world of basketball, Niantic, created in 2010 -initially as a subsidiary of Google-, aims to bring an experience similar to that offered in 2016 with the successful video game ‘Pokemon Go’where players hunt the creatures they see in their living room or in a park through the screen of mobile phones.

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According to john hankeChairman and CEO of Niantic, these mobile devices are the “perfect” tool for realizing a “metaverse in the real world” that is accessible and has a social dimension.

Reason why it will not be necessary to have an expensive virtual reality helmet.

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“It’s important that we encourage social interactions in the real world, like going outside, going to a restaurant or meeting friends. Putting on a VR (virtual reality headset) and playing alone seems very lonely and scary to me. I trust that humanity does not go in this direction”he added.

In the game, each participant, with their virtual character, must walk down the street and there they will meet virtual basketball players, who will be NBA stars like Lebron James or the characters of other users.

Likewise, the competitors of the game will face each other in duels one against one or in triple contests.

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