boasts of the Rio Major and ESL recriminates it

The conflict between and the competitive ecosystem of CS:GO returns to prominence after the last video published by the organization. The team has boasted of the last Rio Major in social networks despite the fact that the “real” winner was the brand of Outsiders. All this promotion of the title has not been liked at all in the offices of ESL and they assure that it is an “unpleasant surprise”. The set of CIS it did not compete much of 2022 under its traditional and famous brand due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. acquired the name Outsiders from February 2022 due to the relationship between ESforce and the Russian Kremlin. The organization competed throughout 2022, also in other titles such as DOTA 2, without showing its historic logo and sponsors. The great success of the team came after become champion of the Rio de Janeiro Major, a triumph that will always be associated with Outsiders despite the fact that everyone knows its true origin. The organization reacquired its entire brand after putting Aram Karamanukyan as the new CEO, Armenian that did not last long and only served to clean up the image. weeks later, Nikolai Petrosyan took the reins of the club. A questionable change at least after learning that he also led the controversial and banned ESforce. boasts of the Major conquered as Outsiders

The latest controversy has arisen after the team’s official account has shared a video in which Petrossian is seen with the prestigious title of CS:GO. This publication has not gone down well with the Ukrainian community, nor with those responsible for ESL. After the organizer was criticized for sending her the title, Michal Blicharzone of the developers of ESL, has stood up for his brand. “It’s an unpleasant surprise. VP did not win the title and has no right to misrepresent the IEM Rio results as a VP victory. The trophy was sent to an address in Armenia provided by Outsiders », he published.

As he has made known desertedall this promotion has not been liked at all in the offices of ESL. Meanwhile, a large part of the Ukrainian community and lovers of electronic sports consider it a provocation after everything suffered since the beginning of 2022. It will be necessary to be attentive if there is any type of penalty, but it seems unlikely.

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