After the success of “The Last Of Us” on HBO, cybercriminals offer a fraudulent version of the video game for PC

“The Last Of Us” is a video game until now exclusive to PlayStation that presents a hostile post-pandemic United States and places Ellie and Joel as protagonists, who must trust each other to survive in a devastated country.

The cinema has recently adapted this video game, which can already be seen in serial format on the streaming content platform HBO Max, which has generated great expectations due to the previous success of the title.

As a result of its release, on January 15, cybercriminals have taken advantage of its popularity to spread false free download links for the video game in its PC version, currently not available for this platform and whose launch is expected on March 3, this year.

Specifically, cybercriminals have created web pages that offer to download “The Last Of Us Part II” on PC, offering a link that downloads a malicious file instead of the video game, as reported by Kaspersky in a press release.

This file is hidden in the computer and can remain there undetected for years, without causing any apparent damage, but doing its job silently.

Along with this scam, researchers have uncovered a style of “phishing” offering to activate the code for “The Last Of Us.” By downloading this code file, users are prompted to choose among the gifts they will receive with the game.

Some of the rewards on offer include a PlayStation 5 (PS5) or a $100 gift card for the Roblox video game. Next, your credentials and bank details are requested to pay a small commission for the service.

By providing this information, scammers will not only pocket the money from that donation, but also use the victims’ data to commit other fraud.

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From Kaspersky they believe that “many gamers, especially new ones, still don’t know much about cybersecurity while they play,” which is why they are the main target of cybercriminals, according to cybersecurity expert Olga Svistunova.

In order to avoid this type of fraudulent activity, the cybersecurity company recommends avoiding links that promise exclusive previews of movies or television series, as well as checking the authenticity of the sites before providing personal data.

It is also a good idea to only use trusted official pages to view or download content, as well as check the URL format and check that the company name is spelled correctly.

On the other hand, attention must be paid to the extensions of the files to be downloaded, avoiding at all times those with .exe or .msi extensions in case you think you are downloading a video.

Finally, it is recommended to use a trusted security solution, which can identify malicious files and block sites that encourage phishing.

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