All Overwatch 2 heroes will see changes to how they use Ultimate, bar none.

Overwatch 2 is not a perfect game. We know perfection doesn’t exist, but the Blizzard team is looking to improve its hero shooter to the best of your abilities, and that means making changes. Today we are not talking about modifications or reworks of heroes, although yes of these characters. And it’s all in Overwatch 2 will see changes to how they use their Ultimates.

One of the biggest changes in the game to date is the ability to keep a certain percentage of your ultimate when switching between characters. If, for example, you have Sojourn with Ultimate charged or above 30% and you switch to Mei, the Chinese hero will maintain 30% of said charge.

This not everyone liked it over time, especially if we take into account the “ease” of certain characters when it comes to raising the percentage of their Ultimate to 100%. Therefore, and in response to a disgruntled player, Jared NeussExecutive Producer for Blizzard Entertainment, has confirmed changes in this aspect.

While it hasn’t been shared what kind of mods each and every hero will see, the interest de Neuss in this game system makes it clear that the changes they will arrive sooner rather than later. Perhaps we are facing the end of this percentage “for charity” or perhaps before a modification for certain heroes.

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At the moment, everything seems to indicate that it will be in the season 3 when these adjustments occur. It is scheduled to arrive on next february 7 And although we don’t know anything about his new hero, let alone his trailer, new details are expected to be shared this week.

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