Córdoba City Council presents an initiative for young people to recreate part of the city in Minecraft

We do not usually echo regional or provincial news; Today’s Xbox is gigantic and it is difficult to cover the international to focus on small locations. But as a Cordovan that I am, I couldn’t help but dedicate a little bit to this initiative that the Andalusian City Council has recently launched. And it is that Córdoba, in addition to being beautiful, is innovative.

This proposal is designed so that adolescents and young people over the age of 13 can recreate La Judería, one of the most touristic areas of the Spanish city, using Minecraft. The name of this action is not exactly easy to remember: “Córdoba through Minecraft: gamification in the classroom, videogames as a professional opportunity and responsible use”. There is nothing. However, the background is good and I like that they have opted for this.

Minecraft Education Edition will give away up to 300 licenses

At the moment, as they say in Cordópolis, the idea is in the phase of attracting participants, and it has the support of Fundecor. They are looking for a profile of young people in secondary, high school, professional training and university centers. Obviously, participation is free and disinterested beyond appearing in the credits of the project. Each chosen center will recreate its own version of the city’s Historic Center.

The objective of the project is to improve the ability to work in a team, the involvement of the participants, achieve specific goals and promote a safe game, which promotes the proper use of social networks and video games, preventing problems such as gambling and bullying, promoting diversity and a positive and enriching experience.

Likewise, Microsoft will give away up to 300 Minecraft Education Edition licenses to teachers so that they can retrain and learn to use gamfication tools in order to liven up classes and give youngsters a boost towards job opportunities such as video game development. This part will be part of a special seminar that has not yet been announced.

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